Thriving Despite an Eating Disorder.

Welcome to M4stars, your online center for eating disorders recovery.

This space is for you. A space where you can feel safe, understood and have some fun too!

My name is Alexandrine, I’m trained and certified in Eating Disorders, Meditation, Healing and Leadership coaching. I’ve also suffered from a severe eating disorder myself for over 15 years. It started at age 13 when I left the comfort of my home to become a professional athlete. (Registered on the French Sport Minister’s list in 2004).

I’m sharing a piece of my story with you today hoping it will give you strength and courage to keep fighting as recovery is POSSIBLE and I wish yours won’t take as long as mine.

First... denial. Being in denial is very common and that’s the main reason why it took me so long to heal. Accepting the condition is crucial.

Second, asking for help! Staying isolated won’t work and won’t help. I’ve done that mistake for too long... and it only made my symptoms worst.

Third... the diagnosis. It took 7 different specialists before I received the right diagnosis! I know... it sounds insane! But eating disorders are very complex and several of their symptoms overlaps with other mental illnesses which makes it easy for a professional to deliver the wrong diagnosis. So make sure you get different opinions and ALWAYS listen to your heart... if it feels wrong or if you don’t recognise yourself in the diagnosis, ask for another professional opinion. Last but not least, eating disorders can hide what we call a “comorbid” (a co-existing) condition so again, make sure you talk to different specialists before starting any treatment or recovery program.

Once you have a proper diagnosis, it’s time to start your recovery journey.

In my case, here is what worked:

- Meditation (thank you Sura for everything)

- Therapy/Coaching (Thank you Katie)

- Intuitive eating (the best diet in the world... it’s NOT a diet, that’s why :D)

- Journalling (Many resist this one but it’s mandatory at M4stars)

- Fun physical exercise (Having fun with your body is more important than the exercice itself... trust me)

- SELF-LOVE (this one is unconditional and unlimited, you gonna get a lot of this)

I had a whole team behind me because recovery is a team effort and I would be delighted to be part of yours.

With love,




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